Professional Farrier Service

                           Mike at age 10

Michael J. Waldorf CF APF

American Farriers Association Certified Farrier

American Association of Professional Farriers Accredited Professional Farrier


Happy Feet Hoofcare is the professional farrier service of Michael J. Waldorf, providing trimming, shoeing, consultation, and horse owner education to compliment the overall health of the individual horse. Happy Feet Hoofcare serves a wide variety of clientele, from the actively training show jumper to the common backyard companion. Although the majority of Mike's clientele maintain healthy feet, Happy Feet Hoofcare specializes in helping horses that require a higher degree of attention. Happy Feet Hoofcare is also maker of  hoofcare product Thrush Crush.

Every Horse Deserves Happy Feet!

 Providing high quality hoofcare in Oregon's Southern Willamette Valley

Since 1997